Triangle Bikinis Push up

Do Triangle Bikinis Push Up?

Yes, in some cases triangle bikinis do push up depending on the bikini top style. Push up triangle bikini tops have two characteristics to look for, one being fixed triangles and the second being padding.

push up triangle bikini tops

Triangle bikini tops come in two basic styles; Sliding cups or triangles and fixed or non-sliding triangles. The fixed triangle bikini top offers considerably more push up or support because the triangles are attached to each other at the front and center of the bust and do not slide on the chest band or string. The amount of support provided depends on how tight both the chest band and shoulder straps are. This style of bikini top not only raises the bust but pulls the bust inwards thus deepening the appearance of the bust line.

Sliding triangle bikini top with padding in place for push up supportSliding triangle bikini tops do not offer the same support as the triangles are adjustable, they do offer some support but their capabilities to increase the appearance of the bust are somewhat limited unless padding is added.

Now with all this said, 95% of Sun Surf Swimwear tops come with removable padding. In both instances the sliding and non-sliding triangle tops, the padding when left in place will increase the appearance of the bust. The sliding or adjustable version will get a boost in support plus the padding increases the appearance of the bust.

Fixed triangle non sliding bikini topIn the case of the non-sliding triangle bikini top, the padding adds additional support and lift to the bust line further enhancing the push up ability of these beautiful bikini tops.

Final notes: As mentioned above the padded bikini top will increase the appearance of both the bust itself and the cleavage line, but it must be properly placed inside the top. The padding should slide between the outer fabric and the lining. It should rest on the bottom seam of the top thus sitting under the bust and cover the bottom third to half of the breast. This will push the bust upwards with the added bonus of the padding in front of the lower region of the bust further increasing the bust size.

triangle bikini tops supportive offering push up

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