Are Triangle Bikinis Good for a Small Bust

Are Triangle Bikinis Good for a Small Bust?

Triangle bikini tops are probably the best choice for a smaller bust for two good reasons depending on the desired appearance of the bust.

Triangle bikini tops for a smaller bust. Are they good?

With the focus on physical fitness and healthy life style, the typical bust size on average is slowly decreasing. If you have a smaller bust, don’t fret, a simple Triangle bikini tops for women with smaller breaststriangle bikini will offer a sporty healthy look without any padding or underwire support. Its’s a simple sexy look that so many women are now embracing without the constant worry that things are in place.

For the woman that feels she needs a little extra in the bust region, a simple triangle string bikini that offers optional padding will offer the perfect solution.

Taking a look at removable padding in bikini tops, 99% of the Sun Surf Swimwear triangle string bikini lineup come with removable padding. These tops are designed to incorporate the padding between the outer fabric and the inner lining. This design feature makes the padding virtually undetectable from the outside and will enhance the appearance of the bust.

sexy smaller bust in triangle bikini topMany women however do not place the padding correctly in their bikini tops. Unlike a bra, the bikini top is not covered by a shirt or blouse, the top itself is the outer shell. Proper placement of the padding is essential to a smooth sexy appearance. To place the padding correctly in the bikini top, find the open seam on the backside of the triangle cup. Slip the padding sideways through the open seam and ensure the long side of the triangular pad aligns with the lower seam of the cup. The correct position for the padding is to sit under the bust and over the lower 1/3rd to ½ of the breast. This will raise the bust upwards filling the underside of the bust and in turn pushes the bust line upwards deepening the cleavage line and giving the appearance of a fuller bust.

In either case, whether you decide to go with or without the padding, its your choice. The best option is to experiment with your triangle bikini top, try it with and without the padding to achieve your personal desired look.

Smaller bust triangle bikini tops

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