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Since the beginning of time the female buttocks have been a symbol of Physiological fixation of the buttocks has driven the popularity of the thong bikinifertility and beauty. Statues chiselled from solid stone as far back as 24,000 BC fixated on women’s hip and buttock regions. This not only attraction but fixation would explain the controversy that has followed the thong bikini throughout its rocky history to its final social acceptance.

Definition: “Thong Bikini” – The thong bikini is a garment widely adopted as a swimwear garment. When viewed from the front, it resembles a traditional bikini, from the back, it leaves the buttocks or glutes exposed. Invented by the fashion designer Rudi Gernreich in 1974, not a year later Helmut Lang photographed Jerry Hall and Lisa Taylor wearing a newly released one piece swimsuit with a thong backside.

Vintage One Piece Thong Swimsuit

The thong bikini has earned its place in society throughout the globe from international beaches and  lake side docks to a day on a boat basking in the
1974 thong bikinissun. Its evolution has not been an easy one, as resistance to the exposure of the buttocks has been a discussion for years.

As much as society has criticized the thong bikini in public, it has finally gained wide spread acceptance and is now considered the norm on 97%  percent of beaches worldwide. Further the thong has become incredibly popular in the water sport industry. Female surfers, volleyball players, wake board and water skiers have all adopted the thong bikini not only for its appearance but also for the freedom of movement that it offers.

Unlike the regular bikini, the thong bikini has not changed much in design since its inception.

Back to basics, the thong bikini really does not have that many variants, the fashion industry only recognizes a limited number of styles.

The following is a list of thong bikini variants:

Classic Thong Bikini – The classic thong bikini as the name states is where it all started back in 1974. This style has withstood the test of time and is by far the most popular of the styles. If offers clean lines, a typical full triangle front and open backside. This style of thong bikini offers a waist band and thigh cut similar to a Brazilian bikini thus it is sometimes called a Brazilian thong.

Classic Brazilian Thong Bikini

Banded Thong Bikini – The banded thong bikini typically offers the same rear design as the Brazilian thong bikini with one exception, instead of a traditional seamed waist line, it offers a banded waistline. This design offers a sportier look and a little more tummy coverage. It is this band that offers a little bit of variation for the wearer as it can be folded down for the exact amount of tummy coverage that is desired.

Adjustable Banded Thong Bikini

Ruffled Thong Bikini – The ruffled thong bikini is a direct descendent of the Brazilian thong bikini with the exception of a ruffled waist band. The ruffle plays two very different roles in this style. First, the ruffle adds a somewhat romantic touch to this style but more importantly it offers a slight bit of extra coverage at the top of the buttocks. Many women have stretch marks at the upper portion of the buttocks; the ruffle will offer just enough coverage for this region if it is a concern.

Ruffled Thong Bikinis

G-String Thong Bikini – The G-String thong bikini is smaller than the classic thongs we have looked at so far. The front of this exposing swimsuit is somewhat smaller than the classic thong. Not only is the frontal region smaller, but this swimsuit bottom has replaced the waistband with a string. Further the string not only replaces the waist line but also replaces the rear design of the thong, leaving the full buttock region exposed.

G-String Thong Bikinis

One Piece Thong Swimsuit – The once piece thong swimsuit has been around since 1975 as mentioned earlier. Offering the best of both worlds, the body coverage of a one piece swimsuit combined with the exposure of a thong bikini, this swimsuit is a real show stopper on any beach scene.

One piece thong swimsuits – Bathing suits with a thong back

Thong Bikini Sizing Chart

Thong Bikini Sizing Chart

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