Thong Bikinis Style

thong bikinis. Are they in style?

Are Thong Bikinis in Style?

The answer to this question on the surface seems simple, “Yes thong bikinis are in style and are continuing to grow in popularity” But the real questions are

  • Why are they in style?
  • Why is the popularity of the thong bikini continuing to grow?

Thong Bikini In StyleTo start, women are increasingly working on their bodies with a “best they can be” attitude. This factor has not only increased the popularity Continue reading “Thong Bikinis Style”

Thong Bikinis | The Beauty of the Thong Bikini

thong bikinis

Embrace The Enticing Beauty Of The Thong Bikini

International Thong Bikini Swimwear

Since the beginning of time the female buttocks have been a symbol of Physiological fixation of the buttocks has driven the popularity of the thong bikinifertility and beauty. Statues chiselled from solid stone as far back as 24,000 BC fixated on women’s hip and buttock regions. This not only attraction but fixation would explain the controversy that has followed the thong bikini throughout its rocky history to its final social acceptance.

Definition: “Thong Bikini” – The thong bikini is a garment widely adopted as a swimwear garment. When viewed from the front, it resembles a traditional bikini, from the back, it leaves the buttocks or glutes exposed. Invented by the fashion designer Rudi Gernreich in 1974, not a year later Helmut Lang photographed Jerry Hall and Lisa Taylor wearing a newly released one piece swimsuit with a thong backside.

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