What Are Scrunch Bottom Bikinis

What is a Scrunch Bottom Bikini?

A scrunch bikini bottom sometimes called a pucker back or scrunchie bikini is a style of bikini bottom that incorporates either a stitched seam or elastic strip that is inbedded in the back of the bikini bottom center seam.

What is a Scrunch Bikini Bottom

The scrunch bikini bottom offers a sporty athletic look to the buttock region giving lift and slightly pulling the cheeks inwards thus the slang name pucker back bikini. These amazing swimsuit bottoms vary in coverage levels from full coverage to a cheeky version. Initially the basic styles that applied this feature were either the Colombian or Brazilian bikini bottom but some string and sport versions are now available.

scrunch bikini bottomIn the case of the stitched version, during the manufacturing process, the last step is to add a crisscross stitch pattern that crosses over the center seam

starting about ½ inch below the waist band to approximately the bottom of the buttock region and pulled snug to create a shirred effect. The pitch or distance between the cross pattern can vary, the larger the pattern or pitch the greater the pucker effect. For the most part, the pitch is traditionally about ¼ of an inch. The cross-stitch pattern pulls the back of the bikini bottom inwards, in all directions creating the pucker or scrunch look.

For the version of scrunchie bikini bottom that incorporates the elastic strip, the process is similar to the stitched sister of this bikini style in the sense that an elastic strip is sewn into place following the center seam again starting about ½ below the waist band and ends just below the buttock region between the legs. The one advantage that the elastic strip version offers over the sewn version is that it is more forgiving when it comes to size and will move freely with body motion will not apply undo stress on the seams of the bathing suit.

Scrunch Bottom Bikinis


Scrunch Bottom Bikinis

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