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Scrunch Back Bikinis

The scrunch bikini sometimes called the ruched bikini, pucker back, scrunchie, or ruched butt bikini is probably the most important fashion invention since the bikini hit beaches with force back in the late 1950’s.

The scrunch bikini bottom really is not that complicated of a design yet its results are phenomenal and its true potential is just starting to take hold. The scrunch or ruched bikini bottom has been available on the market for about seven to eight years, but it has only truly gained popularity in the last two, for no other reason than it simply has not received the publicity that it so deserves. This bikini style has for the most part remained an undiscovered treasure for most beach goers.

Last spring the ruched bikini bottom came to life and could be found on international beaches in explosive numbers. Many manufactures could not keep them in stock completely blindsided by the sudden increase in demand.

How does the scrunch bikini achieve its amazing results?

ruched bikinisThe scrunch bikini bottom will give the wow factor to any backside. Because of its ruched design on the back panels of the swimsuit, it not only creates the appearance of a clinched butt, it will give the glutes a slight lift and pull the cheeks inwards, kind of a tucked in effect. In addition, the nature of the design, causes the wearer to be aware of their buttocks so in addition to all if its benefits as a standalone bikini bottom, will cause the wearer to slightly clinch their buns.

Available in coverage options from minimal or cheeky to full coverage, this sensationally popular ruched styling is manufactured using one of two methods. Neither design deserves preferential treatment as they both serve the same function.

Option one involves imbedding a strip of elastic fabric in the rear center seam of the bikini bottom. The strip is sewn in place starting at the back of the waist band and runs to just below the bottom buttock region. The elastic strip pulls the back side of the bikini inwards creating the ruched effect. When put on, this elastic strip will stretch out causing the desired pucker effect.

Option 2 just as effective as option one and involves adding a cross stitch pattern to the back seam of the bikini and drawing the seam together achieving the same pucker effect.

No matter what coverage option you choose, the effect is amazing and you won’t be disappointed.

Medium Coverage Scrunch Bottom BikiniMinimal coverage – Remember for this bikini bottom to be effective, it does require some fabric on the back for the ruched effect. Scrunch thong bikinis do not exist. If a cheeky look is desired, then the best bet would be a Brazilian scrunch back bikini.

Full Coverage Scrunch Back BikiniFull Coverage – the pucker effect is just as extreme in a full coverage bottom. On the other end of the spectrum from the Brazilian “minimal coverage”, you will find the Colombian or full coverage scrunch bikini that will totally cover the buttocks and give a beautiful rounded appearance.

Sun Surf Swimwear offers a beautiful line of scrunch bikinis. From minimal to full coverage and in a wide range of colors, patterns and styles.

Ruched Pucker Back Scrunch Bikini Bottom

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