One Piece Thong Bathing Suit

One Piece Thong Bathing Suits

Thong bottom one piece women's bathing suit

The one piece thong bathing suit sometimes called a tonga or tanga for many women is a dream come true providing full coverage of the torso yet leaving the buttocks exposed like a two-piece thong bathing suit. Variants of this glamorous swimsuit include ultra-high cut thighs, deep V or scoop plunging necklines in some cases with hidden shelf bra support and finally the ultra-sexy sheer see thru versions.

Bathing Suits, Women's one piece thong bathing suitsFrom the frontal view this sensational thong one piece design appears for the most part similar to a regular high cut bathing suit, as the view angle changes to approximately 45 degrees, the high cut thigh and side of the buttock region comes into view. As the wearer continues to pass by increasing the angle to 90 degrees and further, the rear exposing effect of the one-piece thong bathing suit comes into play pushing it to the top of the sexy list for one piece swimwear styles.

As mentioned previously, the top or bust region of this sensationally hot bathing suit is the same as any other one piece available with a choice of options including but not limited to under seam bust support or hidden shelf bras, suits that have a lining will also have removable padding. Necklines will range from the standard scoop to dramatic plunging and deep V designs in some cases incorporating sheer mesh side panels for an increased dramatic visual effect. Tummy control panels are available that will slim and trim the central region of the torso and of course the most dramatic of all, the sheer variants that combine the already open thong backside with sheer see thru fabric for a dramatic show stopping, jaw dropping effect that to be honest cannot be matched by any other swimsuit style.

The bottom design of the one-piece thong varies only in thigh height. Thigh height controls the width of the front region of the swimsuit. The higher the thigh the narrower the front of the swimsuit that covers the genital region. If you are looking for a swimsuit that offers the standard front coverage that is typical of a one-piece swimsuit, the standard high cut thigh is the answer. As the thigh height increases the frontal coverage is dramatically reduced at an exponential rate to the point that the super ultra-high cut will offer only a strip of fabric approximately 1 inch in width.

Finally, torso or body length plays a part in the overall appearance of the one-piece thong. If your torso is the same length as your legs or shorter than carry one. If you tend to have a longer torso, purchasing the next larger size of swimsuit may be an option. A longer torso will cause the thong bottom to pull between your legs which will quickly become uncomfortable.

Women's one piece thong bathing suits

In summary, the one-piece thong bathing suit is in a class of its own. It is by far the sexiest of all one swim suit designs offering a sporty healthy appearance that inherently offers not only incredible slimming attributes but shaping and sculpting properties

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