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One Piece Swimsuits

Sun Surf Swimwear carries an exclusive line of one piece swimwear for todays demanding woman. Choosing the right one-piece swimsuit can be a challenge, however by applying the following simple tips, you can successfully choose the right bathing suit to accentuate your physical features.


The first step is to know your size. Using the chart below, scan across the third row until you find your dress size. Now move directly up one row and the above letter will be your one piece bathing suit size.

Use our easy to follow one-piece swimsuit sizing chart to find the perfect fitting bathing suit – Find your dress size in the third row, find your swimsuit size in the above corresponding second row and you are ready to shop.


When it comes to style, the look you desire is in all you own. If your torso or thighs are thicker, you may want to choose a swimsuit that has higher thigh cuts to elongate your appendages thus giving a slimmer appearance. On the opposite side of the fence, if you wish to give the appearance of a thicker torso or appendages, you will want a one piece that has a lower cut.

For the bust region, the lower the neckline, the larger the bust will appear where as the higher the neckline the smaller your bust will appear.

Now that you have the basics, personal attributes will come in to play, for example, if you bust is large, a swimsuit that offers support and wider straps may be desired or possibly padding to give the appearance of a larger bust if you are smaller.

In addition, slimming control panels can completely change the look of a swimsuit giving a much leaner appearance.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive guide to purchasing a swimsuit, it more to explain the basics required to make an educated choice on style.

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