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 Choose the Correct Bikini Style for your Body Type

Take the mystery out of choosing the correct bikini style for your body typeBefore we get into the details, lets take a step back and understand what is going on in the fashion world.

The swimwear industry has been hit with a major correction crisis over the last five years. This correction is focused on the desirable body type. Since Sports Illustrated portrayed the likes of Kate Upton and to reinforce this trend models like Ashley Graham, Lauren Veluvolu, Melissa Masi, Griselangel Paula, Katya Zharkova and Tara Lynn to name a few have come on the scene and are taking over the fashion industry.  The desirable body type is no longer the skinny model that we have been programmed to view as perfect.

A new era has come to life and the correct body type is now healthy. Looking
healthy is in. You can be skinny, you can be curvaceous, tall, short or any body type for that matter, the key is healthy, eating healthy, being active, demonstrating confidence. Confidence is the key, you need to own your body and not fight against its natural state.

Fashion Industry Loves Curves

In other word’s if you are naturally heavier in one area than an another you can fight it but you won’t win. Sooner or later you will lose the battle and become discouraged if not depressed in the process. We as women have been given an unattainable target in the past but for all the right reasons this goal has changed for the good but unfortunately it is hard to change our past programming.

So let’s look at the facts:

The goal is to fit into an hourglass framework right?

  • Very few if any women will have a body type that will fit in the hourglass
  • Every woman has characteristics that not only make her beautiful but also unique
  • As much as we are similar, we are all different heights, weights, shapes and sizes
  • As far as we are concerned the goal is not only flawed in so many ways, but is also impossible……Or Is It?

Hourglass FigureMaybe, just maybe we have been looking at this all wrong. Maybe the idea of the hourglass was misinterpreted. Maybe we are not all suppose to fit into the hour glass framework body wise. Maybe it was a figure of speech meaning balance from top to bottom. Just maybe decades ago when someone looked at an hourglass and a woman, the intention was not necessarily to compare the naked body to the hourglass but maybe it was a fashion designer that made the statement focusing more on clothing design than actual physique.

In my opinion, it had to be the latter and I get it. It was never about the body being like an hourglass, it was about clothing attributes being like the hourglass. Like any other type of clothing, you want to wear something that creates a certain amount of harmony with your physique. It must accentuate your assets and work with your trouble zones becoming harmonious with your shape and size.

Back to the Basics

So let’s keep the hourglass theme in the back of our mind but change the way we view it. The hourglass represents balance meaning your bust and hip region should appear to be approximately the same size and your bikini plays a huge part in this balance.

For example, if you have wider hips and a smaller chest, you should not wear a bikini bottom style that gives the appearance of wider hips nor should you wear a bikini top that further slims down your torso.

Where do we start

Step one is to stand in front of the mirror, preferably without cloths and make an honest assessment. Ask your self the following questions and be honest with your self and take notes:

  1. Between your bust and hip region which is larger. Be honest everyone is different. Make a note
  2. Is my torso thick or thin?
  3. Are my thighs thicker or slimmer?
  4. Are my legs long and my torso short or is my torso long and my legs short?
  5. How tall am I?
  6. Is my body type slender, voluptuous or heavy?

The illustration below is a basic guide to define your body type. Take your time and choose which category best fits your body type.

Women's Body Type Guide

Hourglass – Hips and bust region are close to the same size, this figure typically is curvy with a somewhat defined waistline.

Apple Round / Oval – Typically round in appearance, especially in the waist region. Thighs and hips are wide.

Pear / Triangle – A wider rounder bottom with a defined waist, the bust region and shoulders are always narrower than the hip region. Typically has short legs, thicker thighs but now always.

Rectangle – Little or no difference in the size of the hips, bust or waist. Bust region is typically small to medium in size, legs and arms tend to be slim and a flat bottom.

Inverted Triangle – Broader shoulders, larger bust, narrow hips, slimmer legs and flat bottom. Typically, fatty cells are drawn to the upper body.


Body Measurements For BikinisIf you have been honest with yourself, you are now ready to proceed to choose your size. You will need the flowing measurements before you start.

  • Chest measurement “Diameter”
  • Cup Size
  • Waist
  • Hip measurement “Diameter”

Using the chart below you will be able to choose the correct bikini top and bottom size. Simply find your measurements on the chart and make note of the corresponding bikini top and bottom size.

USA Womens Swimwear Bikinis Sizing Chart

Are you ready to make some decisions? Remember its about balance. Make things harmonize with each other and you will be shocked at the results.

From good to great | bikinis

The Big Picture

Bust Region

Larger Bust

If you feel that you have a larger bust than your hip region, you will want to shrink things down a bit. You have a number of choices.

Bust Region Larger Then HipsA sports bikini top offers great support, shaping capability and comfort for a larger bust. At this point you do not want to draw attention to your larger bust, remember its about balance so try not to over expose or draw to much attention your cleavage.

Another great option is a full coverage support underwire bra style bikini top that will give you incredible support and keep things securely in place but remember don’t purchase a top that is going to show to much.

Full halter style tops are another option that offer hidden bras and wide supportive bands. You need things to be shaped to perfection but not overly showy.

Smaller Bust

If you feel that your bust is smaller than your hip region that you may choose to give the appearance of a larger bust.

Bust Region Smaller Then HipsThere is good article called “Get a larger bust” or or you can read on for the summary.

Underwire bikini tops that have optional padding offer an incredible ability to increase the appearance of your bust. These tops will lift things up, deepen your cleavage line and potentially add one or two sizes to your bust. Keep in mind you may decide to choose a bikini top that shows a little more skin to further draw attention to your bust making it appear larger.

Push up bikini tops also are available with optional padding however the push-up bikini top uses a slightly different approach than its cousin the underwire bikini top. The push up top gently raises your bust but at the same time pulls your breasts together giving the appearance of a deeper cleavage line and fuller bust region, add some padding to this top and look out.

It’s a Hipster Kind of World

Present day styles are rejoicing if not worshiping a woman’s curves so don’t spend to much time fretting over your hip size. Just keep in mind its about balance not size.

Hips For Bikini Its a Hipster Kind of WorldIf your hip region is larger and your thighs are thicker you have a couple of options to slenderize this region if you so desire.

High hip or high cut thigh bottoms will slenderize your hip region, elongate your legs and slenderize your thighs but be careful you don’t want to slim things out to much, keep it balanced.

Another option believe it or not is the sport or boy short bikini bottom. These awesome bikini bottoms work well with both wide and narrow hips regions. For the larger hipped girl, it offers support, coverage and smooths things out and of course there is always the booty benefit. For the girl with a narrower hip region it will round things out.

For the most part any style with elongated thigh openings from mid to high cut will slim this region down.

How about my Tummy

Tummies and bikinisWell depending on your desired look, there is nothing wrong with having a little extra on your tummy and wearing a bikini. To be honest bikinis were originally designed in the late fifties and sixties for this exact body style so you might want to forgo worrying about this and wear a nice little scoop front bikini bottom. If you really feel you need a little control or coverage, choose one of the vintage designs that offer a higher waist band and in some cases a tummy control lining or band.


The final Step before you can choose your perfect bikini

You already know which body type you are, lets look at each one in detail

  • Apple Round / Oval
  • Hourglass
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Pear / Triangle Rectangle
  • Rectangle

Apple – For the girl with the apple or oval body type, always choose a bikini with a print with the exception of a vintage or high waist bikini that should probably be in a solid color.

You want to draw attention downward accentuating the lower region and giving the appearance of a waistline is key. Your top can be a banded halter, ¾ or full tankini, or a lower cut sport top. Depending on your bust size you can choose whether you want to use the optional padding or not. Also keep in mind depending on your bust, you may want to consider added support if you feel you need it.

For the most part, a vintage high waist top or a full figure bikini bottom will work. Always keep in mind the goal is balance.

Hourglass Figure – Everyone thinks that an hourglass figure is the easiest to work with but it does have its own set of rules when it comes to your choice of bikini design. The trick for the hourglass figure is to do the same to the top as you do to the bottom. If you choose to accentuate your bust region, then you will also need to accentuate your hip region. If you go the opposite and choose to keep it low key or modest up top than do the same for the bottom. For example, you purchase an underwire enhancing bikini top, then the right move would be to purchase a sport or hipster style.

Inverted Triangle – The inverted triangle body type has shoulders that are wider than the hip region. For this reason, you want to purchase a bikini that will widen out your hips. Booty short bikini bottoms will help with this. Another option is a ruffle bottom. Any style that will give the appearance of a wider hip region.

Pear – The pear figure top is kind of fun simply because this is the one body type that requires you to draw attention to your bust region. Choose a top that will lift, shape and contour your bust and draw attention to it. Underwire tops, possibly with padding if required, push-up halter tops or some of the sheer styles will help.

Rectangle – The rectangle body type requires you to accentuate both your bust and hip region, creating the appearance of a smaller waistline. BY applying the rules for the pear body type for your top and the rules for the inverted triangle body type for your bottom and you are good to go.

Elements of Fashion Design

Brilliant Vivid Colors – Bright colors should be worn on regions that you want to emphasize.

Dark Colors – Perfect for areas you want to draw attention away from

High Cut Bikini Bottoms – The high cut bikini bottom will elongate your hip and leg region giving the appearance of slimmer thighs and longer legs.

Ruffles – A ruffled bikini top will give the illusion of a larger bust however when ruffles are on the body of the bikini, they tend to slim things out.

V-Neckline- The V neck halter top will give the appearance of a longer torso, the deeper the V, the leaner the look.

Tummy Control – Tummy control comes in many forms. Many tankini have an inner stretch lining that will slim things down, smooth things out and keep things in place. High waist bikinis offer hidden control panels and bands to slim down your tummy. Some bikinis offer side rouching that in fact helps pull your tummy in.

Rouched Panels – When applied to either the top or bottom of the bikini, these great little accents will help give a slimmer, elegant look.

Scrunch bottoms – The scrunch bottom bikini is one of those mazing features that is overlooked by so many women. The scrunch bottom bikini is available in coverage options from full to cheeky. This amazing design will lift and shape your backside to a level you never thought possible. The scrunch or rouched bikini bottom is definably worth a look.


No matter what your body type, take pride in your body, be proud and rock those curves, a little muffin top never hurt anyone and many think its hot. Curves a back in style. If you follow these 4 simple bikini rules, you will look simply amazing.

  • Keep it simple
  • Balance matters
  • Smooth things out
  • Harmonize with your swimsuit
  • Above all, Confidence is King

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