How to Choose a Bikini for a Smaller Bust

Bikinis For Smaller Breasts.

How to Choose the Correct Bikini for a Smaller Bust

For the woman with a smaller bust, a decision needs to be made before engaging in a bikini shopping excursion.

Choose The Correct Bikini Top For Smaller BreastsFor some women the size of their bust is not important and simply wear a traditional string bikini top. This is the simplest way and for some, the only way to go. Remember confidence is key, rocking a string bikini top with a smaller bust is just as beautiful and attractive as a larger bust but if you feel you want the appearance of a larger bust then read on.

Underwire for support

Underwire Bikini Top with Optional Padding for Smaller Busts will give the appearance of a much larger bust.The underwire bikini top offers a number of options not found in traditional triangle / halter tops. First and foremost, the underwire design will lift your bust and immediately give the appearance of a larger cup size. But there is more, most underwire support swimsuit tops have optional padding that when left in place will add a minimum of one size to your bust region.

If you want more cleavage, these beautiful support tops also come in styles that have side shirring which will gently push your bust inwards again further deepening your cleavage line.

Push-up – Reach for the stars

push up bikini topPush-up bikini tops handle things a little differently. The push-up bikini top gathers the bust region and pulls it up and together deepening the cleavage, this style has no added under support but relies on the shoulder or neck straps for added lift. Again, these tops are available with optional padding typically giving the appearance of an extra cup size.

The Bikini Top Hack for a Larger Bust -Go big or stay at home – “Hack”

Ok so don’t laugh until you try this one and you likely won’t be laughing anymore. Take a black sports bra with support and padding and put it on. Slip you classic string bikini top over the sports bra like you would wear it normally and pow you have a really hot look, with the appearance of a much larger bust plus you are ready for any beach sport or a day of surfing with confidence.

Add Something Special Too Your Bikini Top “Hack” Its time for surgery.

No we don’t mean breast implants or bust body surgery however a little sewing surgery on your bikini top can make all the difference in the world. For this hack you will need a standard triangle bikini top that is lined and a pair of gel bra cutlets that can be found at your local lingerie store.

Carefully cut the lower seam of each breast pocket on your bikini top approximately 1.5 inches long. Insert the gel packs between the lining and the front fabric orientating them correctly as shown on the  insert packaging and sew the seam up again. This complete process should take no more than 30 minutes and you will turn your regular bikini top into a high end show piece that you will love. Advantages to this method are that the gel packs will not hold water or stay wet, they will not move or sip out of place and you can choose how much you want to increase your bust size.

Keeping things in place

How To Put On A Bikini Top correctly When you put on any bikini top it is critical that you slide your hand under each breast and gently raise and pull inwards towards the center of your torso so that you sit properly within the cup of your top.

Don’t forget your makeup

One last final touch is to add a hind of blush to your cleavage regions. Apply the blush starting at the lower end of your bust line using a sweeping motion upwards and over the top of of your bust basically drawing the letter “Y”




Bikinis For Smaller Breasts

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