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Cheeky SwimwearLooking for a cheeky look in your swimwear wardrobe, add a little spice to your beach attire. Sun Surf Swimwear is here to help,  sharing some great options starting with the more conservative designs and working our way down the list to more options that offer increased exposure.

The term cheeky swimwear means different things to different individuals. For some a cheeky bikini is simply a smaller cut bikini with a high waist band and higher than average thigh openings that exposes the side of the buttocks… Example 1. In other cases, is could be a sport swimsuit with a booty cut style in the back that exposes the bottom region of the buttock… Example 2. Finally at the other end of the spectrum, the cheeky bikini may very well be a simple full exposure thong or G-string bikini bottom… Example 3 and 4 respectively.

Cheeky Scrunch Swimwear

Cheeky Sport Swimwear
Example 2

Cheeky Thong Swimwear
Example 3

G-String Cheeky Bikini

Cheeky Scrunch Bikinis

Scrunch Swimwear Cheeky Derriere Exposure Chart

Cheeky Scrunch Bottom BikinisThe scrunch bikini is probably the one and only design that offers the widest range of coverage options and cheeky appearance depending on the tolerance level of the wearer. The scrunch bikini like the name says creates as scrunching effect on the buttocks giving the appearance of tight rounded glutes. This amazing design offers a wide range of cheeky coverage options from a full coverage suit that has minimal exposure to a tonga version that is just above the thong bikini.

On the exposure scale, it ranks an average of 3.5.

Brazilian Bikini

Brazilian Cheeky SwimwearAs much as this bikini is known for its cheeky appearance, in essence this famous bikini bottom is available in coverage options from full to minimal depending on the style. The fact that it is a Brazilian bikini does not necessarily mean it will offer the cheeky appearance you are looking for. Known for its higher waist and thigh cuts, it does offer a somewhat cheeky look in a full coverage style but not necessarily by todays standards.

We did did not rank the Brazilian bikini for exposure level as there are to many variants to  choose from.

Cheeky Tonga Swimwear

Tonga Swimwear Backside Exposure Chart

Cheeky Tong Swimwear - Two- Piece-Bikini-SwimsuitThe tonga, sometimes called the tanga is a step above the thong bikini. Its design can be either a full waist version or string version. The main difference between the thong and tonga is the width of the fabric that covers the buttock region. The tonga offers slightly more coverage than the thong swimsuit in the form of a narrow triangular piece of fabric covering the center region of the swimsuit. The tonga offers a cheeky look that is comparable to the thong with ever so slightly more coverage.

The popular cheeky tonga came in at a level 7 on the exposure scale.

Thong Bikini

Cheeky Thong Bikini Swimwear Cheek Exposure Level Chart

Cheeky Thong Bikini SwimwearThe thong bikini is the second last competitor only surpassed by the G-string. The thong has a narrow waist band and small piece of fabric in the rear that really does not cover anything but acts as more of a frame or accent to the buttock region. Depending on the style of thong, the buttocks can appear longer and narrow or more pronounced. The thong and tonga cheeky swimwear designs are by far the most popular in the more exposing categories.

The tiny thong bikini offers the second highest level of exposure at a level 9.

G-string Cheeky Bikini Bottom

Buttock Exposure Cheeky Swimwear Chart

Two Piece-Cheeky-G-stringsThe G-string on the exposure scale receives a 10 as it offers no rear coverage other then a center string and waist string with absolutely no fabric on the backside. Obviously the winner if you are looking for a full exposing cheeky bikini style but not necessarily the winner if you are looking for a little style in you bikini bottom.

The tinny little G-string bikini ranks a 10 on the exposure level scale as it offers no rear coverage with the exception of the waist and center string.

One Piece Cheeky Thong Swimsuit

One Piece Thong Swimwear Glute Exposure Chart

Cheeky One Piece Thong SwimwearSimilar to the two piece thong bikini, the one piece thong swimsuit offers torso coverage in a varied degree of styles and fabrics but offers a thong back design. This style of swimsuit appears to be a one piece swimsuit from the front typically with high cut thighs but from the back it is a show stopping design masterpiece that many women have adopted into their swimsuit wardrobe arsenal.

The one piece thong swimsuit ranks similar to the standard two piece thong bikini at a level 9 on the cheeky swimwear exposure scale.

Cheeky Swimwear

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