Khloe Kardashian Canary Yellow One Piece High Cut Swimsuit

Khloe Kardashian is looking super sexy with her toned body and shapely curves. Here she is seen wearing a canary yellow high thigh one piece double strap swimsuit from Sun Surf Swimwear.

Khloe Kardashian Looks Like a Goddess in this Canary Yellow One Piece High Cut Swimsuit

Simply stunning, Khloe Kardashian looked ravishing in this high cut canary yellow one piece swimsuit from Sun “N” Surf Swimwear.

Khloe became engulfed in the world of physical fitness toning her body to perfection. She admitted that going to the gym relieved the stress while she was going through her divorce, but more importantly, she is in tip top shape and looks phenomenal.

Khloe Kardashian Looking like a Grecian Goddess with her firm body and toned muscles wearing a double strap high thigh yellow one piece swimsuit

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Thong Bodysuit Swimwear

Thong Bodysuit Swimwear

Thong Bodysuit Swimwear

When you think of beach sexy think of thong bodysuit swimwear for your next beach excursion. No other swimsuit can match these beautiful slimming Thong Bodysuit One Piece Swimsuitsstyles. Each and every one of these wonderful one piece bodysuit designs will tell a little bit about your personality. Totally sexy, the one piece bodysuit thong offers the incredible ability to slim and trim a torso to total perfection. They will elongate your thighs like no other swimsuit can. Continue reading “Thong Bodysuit Swimwear”

Sheer When Wet One Piece Thong

Sheer See Thru When Wet One Piece Thong Swimsuit

Sheer When Wet One Piece Thong Bathing Suit

Things are going to heat up when you slip into this hot little sheer when wet one piece thong bathing suit. This sizzling suit is ever so slightly see thru when dry, but add water and look out. Lightning is going to strike and strike hard. This thong back swimsuit is will bring a whole new meaning to a quiet night in the backyard hot-tub or better yet an afternoon stroll down the beach on a hot sunny day surf side.

Sheer When Wet One Piece Thong Bathing Suit

No matter, when or where you go in this blistering hot one piece, you are going to be the focus of everyone’s attention. Continue reading “Sheer When Wet One Piece Thong”

White One Piece Swimsuit

White One Piece High Cut Swimsuit

Fresh New White One Piece Swimsuit

This sensational white one piece swimsuit redefines the word sexy. When you slip this hot little suit on and look in the mirror, your going to love what you see, offering a fresh healthy toned look.

White One Piece Bathing Suit

This suit is fully lined and “not see thru” but offers a certain clingy effect created from the white lining against the outer white fabric. The high cut body will slim your thighs accentuating your legs and Continue reading “White One Piece Swimsuit”

Patriotic One Piece Bathing Suit

Patriotic One Piece Bathing Suit

Sexy High Cut Patriotic One Piece Bathing Suit

Fun will follow you everywhere you go in this super sexy high cut one piece patriotic bathing suit. This sensationally slimming red white and blue suit looks amazing on all body types but especially perfect for the curvy girl featuring high cut thighs that will elongate your legs and slim your torso. The hidden shelf bra will give you that added lift and support while the front and rear scoop blends this suit together for a perfect alluring fit.

Patriotic One Piece Bathing Suit

The body of this suit features our red and white striped fabric with blue inlay with big white stars. The party is just getting started, you will be the one that turns up the heat and sets the tone in this hot little US flag inspired one piece. Continue reading “Patriotic One Piece Bathing Suit”


Women's Swimwear Patriotic

Patriotic Bikini Swimwear
Made in America, Women's Patriotic Swimwear

When Robert G. Heft created the 50 star USA flag design as a high school project back in 1958, little did he know the impact his creation would have on the world. The red white and blue design bolstering 50 stars has proudly inspired countless industries demonstrating their patriotism to their country! The swimwear industry has been no exception with women proudly wearing their countries colors at home and abroad.

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One Piece Thong Bathing Suit

One Piece Thong Swimsuits

One Piece Thong Bathing Suits

Thong bottom one piece women's bathing suit

The one piece thong bathing suit sometimes called a tonga or tanga for many women is a dream come true providing full coverage of the torso yet leaving the buttocks exposed like a two-piece thong bathing suit. Variants of this glamorous swimsuit include ultra-high cut thighs, deep V or scoop plunging necklines in some cases with hidden shelf bra support and finally the ultra-sexy sheer see thru versions.

Bathing Suits, Women's one piece thong bathing suitsFrom the frontal view this sensational thong one piece design appears for the most part similar to a regular high cut bathing suit, as the view angle changes to approximately 45 degrees, the high cut thigh and side of the buttock region comes into view. As the wearer continues to pass by increasing the angle to 90 degrees and further, the rear exposing effect of the one-piece thong bathing suit comes into play pushing it to the top of the sexy list for one piece swimwear styles.

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