Bikinis Pear Shaped Body

Bikinis For the Pear Shaped Body

Bikinis For the Pear Shaped Body

Bikinis For the Pear Shaped Body Type.  For the beach bound babe in you!

Pear Body Type. Heavier on the bottom than the topBikinis for the pear shaped body type like any other body type have options that are designed to fit properly and look incredible. Each and every body type have styles that look good and not so good. It’s all about finding the right style for each individual. The problem that women experience with the pear shape is that if the bikini fits the bottom region then it is likely going to be too large in the waist and likewise if it fits the waist it will be too small in the bottom region. Continue reading “Bikinis Pear Shaped Body”

Bra Size Bikini Tops

Bra Size Bikini Tops Choosing Made Easy

Bra Size Bikini Tops

Purchasing the correct bikini top can be a stressful, frustrating experience.  Finding bra size bikini tops is virtually impossible. Most manufacturers simply offer a small, medium, large scenario on their sizing charts that simply does not equate directly too your bra size.

We have taken the guesswork out of this exercise and created a direct relation sizing chart that will allow you to find your correct bikini top size using either your bra size or body measurements to quickly determine the correct sizing option.

Bikini Tops Bra Size

Continue reading “Bra Size Bikini Tops”


Women's Swimwear Patriotic

Patriotic Bikini Swimwear
Made in America, Women's Patriotic Swimwear

When Robert G. Heft created the 50 star USA flag design as a high school project back in 1958, little did he know the impact his creation would have on the world. The red white and blue design bolstering 50 stars has proudly inspired countless industries demonstrating their patriotism to their country! The swimwear industry has been no exception with women proudly wearing their countries colors at home and abroad.

Sun Surf Swimwear caries a wide range of patriotic USA swimwear styles in a variety of mild to wild designs. Continue reading “Patriotic-Bikini-Swimwear”

Are Triangle Bikinis Good for a Small Bust

Are triangle bikini tops good for a smaller bust

Are Triangle Bikinis Good for a Small Bust?

Triangle bikini tops are probably the best choice for a smaller bust for two good reasons depending on the desired appearance of the bust.

Triangle bikini tops for a smaller bust. Are they good?

With the focus on physical fitness and healthy life style, the typical bust size on average is slowly decreasing. If you have a smaller bust, don’t fret, a simple Triangle bikini tops for women with smaller breaststriangle bikini will offer a sporty healthy look Continue reading “Are Triangle Bikinis Good for a Small Bust”

Thong Bikinis Style

thong bikinis. Are they in style?

Are Thong Bikinis in Style?

The answer to this question on the surface seems simple, “Yes thong bikinis are in style and are continuing to grow in popularity” But the real questions are

  • Why are they in style?
  • Why is the popularity of the thong bikini continuing to grow?

Thong Bikini In StyleTo start, women are increasingly working on their bodies with a “best they can be” attitude. This factor has not only increased the popularity Continue reading “Thong Bikinis Style”

Cheeky Swimwear

Women's Swimwear Cheeky Designs

Cheeky Women's Swimwear

Cheeky Swimwear

Cheeky SwimwearLooking for a cheeky look in your swimwear wardrobe, add a little spice to your beach attire. Sun Surf Swimwear is here to help,  sharing some great options starting with the more conservative designs and working our way down the list to more options that offer increased exposure.

The term cheeky swimwear means different things to different individuals. For some a cheeky bikini is simply a smaller cut bikini with a high waist band and higher than average thigh openings that exposes the side of the Continue reading “Cheeky Swimwear”

Cute Bikinis

Cute Bikinis

The Cutest Bikinis Ever

cute bikinis women's swimwerSun Surf Swimwear takes cute bikinis to a whole new level when it comes to the topic of women’s swimwear. From our polka dot or ruffle series in a variety of color combinations, candy stripes, palm and floral prints to brilliant solid colors, neon and metallic alike. All available in a wide array of endearing styles.

For example, our adorable two piece polka dot line is available in styles from retro/vintage to progressive and tiny. Like the songs says “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” written by Paul Vance and Lee Pockriss. The Continue reading “Cute Bikinis”

What Are Scrunch Bottom Bikinis

What is a Scrunch Bottom Bikini?

A scrunch bikini bottom sometimes called a pucker back or scrunchie bikini is a style of bikini bottom that incorporates either a stitched seam or elastic strip that is inbedded in the back of the bikini bottom center seam.

What is a Scrunch Bikini Bottom

The scrunch bikini bottom offers a sporty athletic look to the buttock region giving lift and slightly pulling the cheeks inwards thus the slang name pucker back bikini. These amazing swimsuit bottoms vary in coverage levels from full coverage to a cheeky version. Initially the basic styles that applied this feature were either the Colombian or Brazilian bikini bottom but some string and sport versions are now available.

scrunch bikini bottomIn the case of the stitched version, during the manufacturing process, the last step is to add a crisscross stitch pattern that crosses over the center seam

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