Bikinis Pear Shaped Body

Bikinis For the Pear Shaped Body

Bikinis For the Pear Shaped Body Type.  For the beach bound babe in you!

Pear Body Type. Heavier on the bottom than the topBikinis for the pear shaped body type like any other body type have options that are designed to fit properly and look incredible. Each and every body type have styles that look good and not so good. It’s all about finding the right style for each individual. The problem that women experience with the pear shape is that if the bikini fits the bottom region then it is likely going to be too large in the waist and likewise if it fits the waist it will be too small in the bottom region.

Pear Shape Bikini Body - Bikinis For the Pear Shaped Body

Its time for you to embrace your pear shaped body.  Many of the most famous bikini models and actresses are sporting a pear shaped body. In recent years the fashion industry has seen a change in the desirable body type, and the hippy or bodacious booty is in and in strong. Take for example the likes of Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Cheryl Burke and Beyonce to name a few. These women all are sporting a pear shaped body and in some cases may have paid for it.

Famous Pear Shaped Figures

The trick finding bikinis for the pear shaped body is to somehow move the typical waistline of the bikini bottom downwards and into the hip region, off of the waistline. By doing so, the hip to waist ratio problem is instantly solved and the bikini bottom will look amazing. With this said, however, many women struggle with this simply because they have always tried to cover the lower half of their body instead of embracing it. Understanding, recognizing and embracing your body is 99% of the battle to finding a bikini bottom that will look great.

Which Bikinis For the Pear Shaped Body

For the pear shape, there are a number of bikini bottom options that will look great for example:

  • String
  • Sport
  • Slider
  • Banded
  • Skirted
  • Vintage
  • Tankinis

Let’s take a look at each of these options in more detail

String Bikini

String Bikinis For The Pear Shaped BodyThe string bikini offers the freedom to choose a bikini that will fit the buttock and hip region properly yet the waist string will tie accordingly to the waist size. The string bikini looks great on the pear shape especially with present day fashion trends as the booty or backside traditionally found with the pear shape is a dominating fashion feature. The key to partnering the pear shape with a string bikini is to either purchase a low rise string bikini that ties on the hip region or go with a Brazilian style string bottom that will tie high on the waistline for more of a retro look. Standard or mid height string styles will not accomplish the task as they will not balance the hip to waist ratio nor will it tie in the proper location.

Sport Bikinis

Sport Bikinis For The Pear Shaped BodySports bikinis with full rear coverage work well for women with a fuller bottom and thigh region. These bikini bottoms not only offer coverage but will smooth things out blending the waistline, hips, waist and thigh region into one gentle curve. The trick with a sports bikini is to choose a bikini bottom that has a low waist line or low rise feature that will sit just below the waistline on the upper hip region.

Slider Bikinis

Slider Bikinis For the Pear Shaped BodyThe slider bikini is an incredible fashion invention that can solve many bikini figure complications. Typically, the slider is a full coverage bikini bottom like a sports bikini with one exception, each hip has a draw string that allows the bikini to be adjusted. When you slip on this bikini for the first time, stand in front of a mirror. Focus on your hip and waist region. Now pull the draw string on each hip one at a time adjusting not only the height of the waistline but also the width of the hip strap. Adjust each hip incrementally one at a time until you get the desired look. The trick here is the pull the waistband down onto the upper hip region and off the waist line then adjust the hip width for the desired look.

Banded Bikinis

Banded Bikinis For The Pear Shaped BodyBanded bikini bottoms work well with the pear shape because the waistband can be folded down to the desired height. In this case, choosing the correct bikini bottom to fit the hip and buttock region is essential. When you slip on this bikini bottom, again look in the mirror and fold the waistline down until the waistband is riding on the upper hip region and not on the waistline. By doing so, the bikini bottom will fit correctly and in addition, you will be accentuating your slimmer waistline for a beautiful curvy appearance.

Skirted Bikinis

Skirted Bikinis For the Pear Shaped BodyThe skirted bikini offers coverage but it also has two other advantages for the pear shaped or hippy figure. The skirted bikini can be slightly pulled down to accommodate the waistline to hip ratio or similar to the banded bikini bottom, it can be folded down, or a combination of the two for a perfect fit.


Vintage Bikinis For the Pear Shaped BodyThe vintage or retro bikini bottom is a great choice for the pear shaped body. Not only are vintage bikinis in style but they offer great options for the pear shape when the waist to bottom ratio is on the higher side. In addition these high waist styles are designed to accommodate the higher differential between the waist line and bottom region plus many offer hidden control linings and control panels to further smooth things out.


Tankinis Bikinis For The Pear Shaped BodyDon’t underestimate the beauty of the tankini bikini when it comes to the pear shaped figure. The tankini will offer coverage if so desired but this coverage does not have to come at a price sacrificing a sexy appearance. Many tankinis are available with great options like build in shelf bras, sizzling open backs and sheer fabrics.


In summary, all body types have their complications, for the most part, the trick to a pear shaped figure is to choose a bikini bottom style that allows you the freedom to get the top or waistband off the waistline and onto the upper hip region, this can be accomplished by adjusting the height of the waistband or choosing a style with a low-rise feature. In any case, embracing your fuller center section and choosing the correct style will have you looking simply irresistible and give you peace of mind.

Final words: Don’t hide your pear shape, Work with it for a happier beautiful you.

Pear Shaped Bikinis


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